Voice Actor

"  Very directable...  Great Attitude..... Great voice latitude...... Understands the nuances needed for great takes."   Stephen Vidano- Director/Producer. 

"Kellie is very creative and a fabulous person to work with.  She gleans remarkable insight  from ad copy and can spin words into gold. Thank you for a wonderful recording experience and for going the extra mile."

Stephanie Ciccarelli-Voices.com

"Kellie is fantastic to work with. Her voice is soothing and calm,but can be extremely authoritative and definitive. This is one VO actress you have to have. We love her!" Alexander Mayes- Jacob Taylor & Associates

"A complete pleasure to work with. On top of her distinct and strong voice, Kellie offers her complete cooperation during the recording process. She is quite good at taking direction.  Feel assured you will come away with a product you are very pleased with."  Joel Mains-.Senior producer. Creative Director. Total Living Network.

"Strong, confident and hopeful. Great sense of timing and cadence. She has a real special gift. her voice worked perfectly for a film I am making.  Hope to work with her on more projects." Lily Benson- Filmaker.

"Kellie's voice is amazing and her client  service is outstanding- prompt, friendly, reliable, and accommodating. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. Thank you  Kellie for a job well done."

Daniel Golder-Golder LLC.

"Kellie is an outstanding professional. A wonderfully talented vocal performer. She has a great understanding of the technical aspects of voiceover.  She has been excellent to work with, and her voice upgraded our project..adding a whole new dimension." Petar Petrovic- Creative Director.