Voice Actor Narrator Kellie Fitzgerald

                                          Textured nuanced Colors in Voiceover Worldwide

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STUDIO: 413-583-6869

Neumann TLM 193

Sennheiser 416

UA LA 610 MkII

M-Audio A/D

Audition 6.0

Telos Zephyr XStream.

Professional Voice Actor Talent and voice over Services 


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 Warm. Smooth. Sophisticated.

 Kellie is an American Female Voice Talent delivering the vocal spectrum of emotional reads worldwide. The luxurious voice inside Mercedes Benz, the signature voice of the 5 star St. Regis Hotel in NYC , the dream like voice for the 7 star Burj Al Arab anniversary video, signature voice for the Wonderful Indonesia Tourism global campaign.  

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Heartfelt. Hopeful. Sincere.

​Kellie voiced the national TV and radio campaigns for Cancer Treatment Centers of America . Network TV promos for Stand Up To Cancer. Merck, Abbott,  Pfizer. Novartis, Johnson  Johnson.  Textured, Nuanced, Caring call to action for Non- Profits. OXFAM, American Red Cross, Susan G Komen, United Way, PETA, WWF.